If we had to describe today’s world in a sentence it is most likely we would say: “The world trying to keep up with new technologies”. Thanks to the internet, we’ve changed how we watch T.V, how we listen music and even how we read books. 20 years ago our parents looked for a plumber in the newspaper and today we “google it”. But how does the internet knows which advertisement is meant for us?

“GeoMarketing” is a marketing strategy that, as its name states, is based in a combination between marketing and geography. Its main function is find new clients of any given company. This strategy has been used by almost 20 years two divide the immensity of the internet between tastes, preferences and business prospects.

The term “GeoMarketing” was first used by Google in the year 2000 when they announced their brand new service called “Adwords”. This service combines the geographical position of a person with their internet searches. For example, let’s say you’re in a busy street and you decide to search “Credit Card”. Amongst the results that will appear on your phone screen there will be ads of bank branches near you.

Geo Marketing worked like wonder among desktop users, but with the sudden uproar of portable devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) marketing agencies had to adapt to the way people made their online searches. Nonetheless this type of advertisements found in the GPS the perfect tool to generate relevant ads in relation with pinpoint locations and overall customer preferences.

But not everything was well received by the public. In 2003 Apple took notes from Google and decided to enforce their own device called “iBeacon”. This gadget was first used in department stores such as Target and Macy’s. What the iBeacon did was send coupons to any Apple mobile device that entered through the store’s doors. Customers keep filing complaints as they felt their privacy was being violated and the device was discontinued.

As of now, the GeoMarketing King is Snapchat. With its fun filters, business (especially restaurants) can reach a digital generation that shares experiences, and lives the moment not thinking about tomorrow. Just imagine, all those people that go to your “grand opening” will not only take a selfie or a short video about being there; they will also share what a good time they had!

In a nutshell, GeoMarketing closes the gap between a possible client and a service or product that not only will satisfy his/her needs, it is also close to him/her. So, next time you google “beauty products” don’t be alarmed if you see an ad about a hairspray discount. It’s only GeoMarketing doing its job!

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